Mar 18 – 22, 2024
University of Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone



This conference will bring together communities working on two-dimensional Conformal Field Theory (CFT) from different perspectives, some of which have had only limited interactions so far. We are thinking here specifically of the communities working on the probabilistic approach to CFT, the algebraic & geometric approach to CFT, the operator algebraic approach to CFT, and the theoretical physics approach to 2d CFT.

The conference is organized as a twinned conference together with the Fields Institute, Toronto.

The talks presented at the Fields institute location will be presented at the conference in Hamburg site using a videoconference system, and vice versa. 

University of Hamburg
Department of Mathematics (Geomatikum) Bundesstraße 55, 20146 Hamburg

Organizing Committee:

Thomas Creutzig      University of Alberta
Terry Gannon University of Alberta
André Henriques University of Oxford
Eveliina Peltola Aalto University
Xin Sun Peking University 
Jörg Teschner University of Hamburg and DESY
Christoph Schweigert University of Hamburg

Administrative Contact:

Stefanie Risse
Heike Wessling