The two-day Digital Total event is organized and hosted by the University of Hamburg's House of Computing & Data Science (HCDS), in partnership with the scientific platform PIER PLUS and the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg.


The event's goals are to publicly highlight and consolidate the important data science/AI/computation themes in Hamburg's academic scene. This entails encouraging discussion about the joint PIER PLUS program, ' PIER Computing and Data Science, ' and emphasizing the elements of digital transformation at the University of Hamburg and its partners.


In connection with the event, the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg will organize an interdisciplinary forum to discuss the future of digital transformation in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region and potential synergies among cross-institutional efforts. It will be a roundtable discussion and is open to the general public.  This format is intended to be constructed annually, providing a concise and critical evaluation of digitization.

Von-Melle-Park 4
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