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We invite researchers, scientists, and practitioners from various institutions to submit their posters for the two-day event "Digital Total", October 9-10, 2023, focused on digital transformation in research. This event aims to map the entire data science and computation efforts in research institutions in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. It is organized and hosted by the University of Hamburg's House of Computing & Data Science (HCDS) in partnership with the scientific platform PIER PLUS and the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg.

We encourage you to submit posters that highlight either the structure of their institutional setup while working in data science and computation, and/or present sample projects in this area. Posters should provide a concise overview of the computational methodologies employed and the application areas they address.

Specifically, the following or similar topics are within scope if some connection to the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg exists:
- Initiatives related to computation / data science / artificial intelligence in research
- Research Software Engineering units and sample projects
- Research Data Management units and sample projects
- Research groups with interdisciplinary elements from computational science
- Research groups with methodological research in computation / data science / artificial intelligence
- Applied Artificial Intelligence / Data Science / Computation case studies in academic research
- PhD, PostDoc, or other research projects with interdisciplinary elements from computational science
- PhD, PostDoc, or other research projects in methodological research in computation

The selection process will be very inclusive. There is no hard limit concerning the number of posters per institution/ research group. Posters will be displayed on one or two days of the event, offering presenters an opportunity to engage with attendees, exchange ideas, and foster collaborations. We will have a total of four dedicated poster presentation slots (two per day) during extended coffee breaks, and presenters are encouraged to be present at their posters for at least two of them. We explicitly allow presenting posters created for other events in the past.

While digital transformation may have detrimental effects on sustainable development (e.g., through increased energy and resource use), there are many ways in which digitalization can benefit sustainability (e.g., through digital solutions for sustainability problems). We are interested in projects that not only address digitalization topics but also aim to have a positive impact on people and the planet. To make such projects visible and to create an incentive for research in this emerging field, the Sustainability Office ( will award a prize of EUR 1000 in research funds for the poster contribution that best addresses the goal of twin transformation, i.e., the transformation towards more sustainability and digitalization.

The event will also feature a keynote speech, a panel discussion, and presentations. The first day will be focused on the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg and feature a social event; the second day will showcase the digital transformation of research at Universität Hamburg. Participation is free, but registration (see webpage) is required.

Join us in sharing your cutting-edge and applied data science & computation research, expand your network, and contribute to advancing digital transformation in research. Submit your abstract today!

For further information and submission instructions and forms, please visit
A tentative, regularly updated program of the overall Digital Total event can also be found at

We are looking forward to your participation!

Chris Biemann & Martin Semmann, in the name of all organizers

The call for abstracts is closed.